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250,000 interactive problems and 200 courses.

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Improve student outcomes with a
textbook-agnostic homework system.

K-12 Educators

Mix and match problems to create customized tests, quizzes, and homework in just minutes.


Looking to monetize your archival content? Create branded contests, exams, and homework systems in just hours.

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Mix and match problems to create an endless number ofcustomized homework, tests and quizzes — even complete courses.
It's as easy as creating
a playlist for your
favorite music.
Sound good to you? It’ll sound even better to your students. That’s because Edfinity includesreal-time answer feedback and hints to help students master concepts at their own pace.

Spend more time teaching and less time grading – even for complex, free-response assessments.

Powerful Analytics

Monitor students’ progress in real time so you can intervene immediately, when you’re likely to do the most good. And isn’t that why you started teaching in the first place?

Adaptive Learning

We’re piloting adaptive learning and will be phasing it into our courses over the next year.

Every topic. Every level.

From dinosaurs to differential equations, K-12 to collegiate, we’ve got you covered withmore than 250,000 engaging, compelling problems. And we’re adding more every day.You can search by topic, difficulty, author, and more.

Your classroom. Your rules.

You can pair any Edfinity problem or course with any OER, textbook, curriculum, or content. But that's not all you can do.

Flexible templates

Customize a wide range of parameters, like number of attempts, scoring, randomization, and much more.

Visual editing

Create your own interactive problems, using high-powered features such as randomization, and formulas.


Mix and match your problems with ours and share them with colleagues and students around the world.

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