Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science (Zelle)

Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science (Zelle)

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About this Course

This course is an online homework companion to Zelle's Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science book and comprises interactive, auto-graded programming exercises spanning introductory Python concepts like variables and sequences through file I/O, inheritance, and beyond. The exercises are designed to reinforce conceptual understanding, hone programming skills and develop Computational Thinking techniques. The problem sets map directly to textbook sections and may be used as-is, or customized using the Edfinity item repository, and the Edfinity item authoring tool.

How to use this course

  1. Homework: Assign high quality problems with hints and personalized feedback to develop problem-solving skills.
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  3. Supplementary resources: Embed videos, class notes, and applets alongside assignments.
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  5. Analytics: Drill down into student performance and identify problematic or difficult topics.
  6. Flipped classroom: Assign pre-class assignments. Save precious class time for discussions.
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Interactive, autograded problems
Autograded programming exercises with randomized variants, hints, and tips
Personalization and corequisites
Create personalized prerequisite pathways.
LMS integration
Connect to your LMS in minutes.
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