Active Prelude to Calculus (Boelkins)

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This is an online homework companion to Active Prelude to Calculus. It comprises hundreds of algorithmic problems carefully organized into problem sets mapped to textbook sections. Use this course as-is, or customize at any level. You can mix-and-match problems from other catalog courses, add problems from the Edfinity problem repository, or write your own.

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  3. Supplementary resources: Embed videos, class notes, and applets alongside assignments.
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Interactive, algorithmic problems
Algebraic, graphing, open response; randomized variants, hints, and tips
Adaptive learning and personalization
Each student receives personalized support
to fill learning gaps.
Corequisite course structures
Use pre-built corequisite content,
or create your own.
LMS integration and accessibility
Connect to your LMS in minutes. VPAT here.
Import and author WeBWorK problems.

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