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This experience is for educators.

The Global Math Project and our partners Edfinity and Scolab are pleased to provide educators the opportunity to earn official recognition for conducting professional development on the topic of EXPLODING DOTS! This is an experiential, Professional Development program that allows teachers to obtain a certificate of recognition for completing the requisite work at their own pace.

EXPLODING DOTS is a world-wide phenomenon! Over 5 million students and teachers across the planet have engaged in this astounding story of K-16 mathematics. It starts at the very beginning of mathematics--assuming nothing!--and swiftly takes you on a wondrous journey through grade-school arithmetic, high-school polynomial algebra, infinite sums and much more, even extending to unsolved problems that baffle mathematicians to this day! Complete this program and become part of the Exploding Dots Phenomenon.

How It Works

  1. Review the following EIGHT EXPLODING DOTS EXPERIENCES here
    • Experience 1 - The Machines
    • Experience 2 - Insight
    • Experience 3 - Addition and Multiplication
    • Experience 4 - Subtraction
    • Experience 5 - Division
    • Experience 6 - All Bases, All at Once, Polynomials
    • Experience 7 - Infinite Sums
    • Experience 8 - Decimals
  2. When you are ready, complete our Certification Problem Set of 60 multiple-choice questions.
  3. Attempt this Certification Problem Set as many times as you like, save your work and come back to do in stages or do it one sitting.
  4. Earn a score of 85% or more, and you will have earned a Certificate of Completion. 
  5. You will receive a personalized certificate of completion issued by The Global Mathematics Project, Edfinity and Scolab, acknowledging the completion of 8 hours of online training. Certificates are typically issued within a couple of weeks of each calendar quarter. If you don't receive your certificate, feel free to write to support@edfinity.com
  6. This self-certification program costs US$6.99 per participant to help The Global Mathematics Project sustain its work. Payments are non-refundable.
  7. Although The Global Mathematics Project cannot provide any assurance that your certificate will be honoured by your school or local education district as proof of professional development work (administrative rules on this vary significantly across the globe), you will have done good thinking and valuable work.

At a Glance

Introductory video

60 multiple-choice questions

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