Linear Algebra

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Linear Algebra. Suitable for a sophomore level linear algebra course taught in about twenty-five lectures. It is designed both for engineering and science majors, but has enough abstraction to be useful for potential math majors. Our goal in writing it was to produce students who can perform computations with linear systems and also understand the concepts behind these computation.
TextbookLinear Algebra, by David Cherney, Tom Denton, Rohit Thomas, and Andrew Waldon

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Problem Sets

  1. Edfinity Demo
  2. Demo
  3. Orientation
  4. Webwork Intro-Optional
  5. Background
  6. What Is Linear Algebra
  7. Systems Of Linear Equations
  8. Vectors In Space
  9. Vector Spaces
  10. Linear Transformations
  11. Matrices
  12. Determinants
  13. Subspaces And Spans
  14. Linear Independence
  15. Basis And Dimension
  16. Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors
  17. Diagonalization
  18. Orthonormal Bases
  19. Diagonalizing Symmetric Matrices
  20. Kernel Range Nullity Rank
  21. Least Squares


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