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Introductory Algebra I

Educator Edition

Portland Community College
MTH 60, Introductory Algebra - First Term. Introduces algebraic concepts and processes with a focus on linear equations and inequalities in one and two variables. Emphasizes applications, graphs, formulas, and proper mathematical notation throughout the course.
TextbookORCCA (Open Resources for Community College Algebra) by Cary, Jordan, and Yao
PrerequisitesIntended for students who have passed the Basic Math (Arithmetic) course

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Intended Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions.
  • Represent a quantity with an algebraic expression for a given situation.
  • Use a variable to represent an unknown in a linear problem, create a linear equation or inequality that represents the situation, and find the solution to the problem using algebra.
  • Distinguish linear and non-linear relationships between quantities represented by two variables when given a graph, table, verbal description or algebraic formula.
  • Identify and interpret the rate of change in linear data, construct a model and use the model to make predictions.

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Problem Sets

  1. Translating Words Into Algebra
  2. Evaluating Expressions
  3. Mixed Numbers Equivalent Fractions
  4. Add Subtract Fractions
  5. Multiply Divide Fractions
  6. Number Sets
  7. Absolute Value
  8. Simplify Expressions
  9. Integer Operations
  10. Exponent Basics
  11. Exponent Rules
  12. Order Of Operations
  13. Solve One Step Equations
  14. Solve Two Step Equations
  15. Solve Multi Step Equations
  16. Special Solutions
  17. Solve Equations With Fractions
  18. Solve For Variable
  19. Basic Word Problems
  20. Sum And Part Word Problems
  21. Rate And Start Value Word Problems
  22. Basic Percentage Word Problems
  23. Percent Of Increase Decrease
  24. Perimeter And Area
  25. Volume
  26. Solve Proportions
  27. Proportion Word Problems
  28. Solve Inequalities
  29. Special Case Inequalities
  30. Inequality Applications
  31. Coordinate System
  32. Graph Lines By Table
  33. Slope
  34. Slope Intercept Equations
  35. Standard Form Equations
  36. Graphing Line Summary
  37. Find Equation By Graph
  38. Find Equation By Point Slope
  39. Find Equation By Two Points
  40. Linear Equation Applications
  41. Parallel Perpendicular Lines
  42. Graph Two Variable Inequalities
  43. Functions Intro
  44. Distance Word Problems
  45. Account Interest Word Problems
  46. Trigonometry
  47. Mixture Word Problems


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