Discrete Mathematics

Educator Edition

David Wells, the former Chair of the MAA Committee on the American Mathematics Competitions, has created this problem solving course to help  develop a robust set of strategies for solving a broad range of challenging mathematics problems. These strategies are sufficiently broad-based to be of value in the class room, in the course of an education journey, and possibly in a career, but the focus is on aiding a high level of preparation for mathematics competitions.

Includes both online, self-paced problem sets and an eBook with instructional content.


  • 15-19 years old, Grades/Years 9-12
  • United States, Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, and affiliated curricula

How to Use

Use it in the classroom or on the side. This course and its companion courses offer your students an opportunity to develop the techniques and strategies needed to place among the top 5-10% of the participants in a typical contestEach volume in this series is divided into six sections, each of which illustrates the application of a general problem-solving method to problems in a specific content area. Each section is designed to be mastered in about three hours, you should be able to finish each volume in about four weeks by devoting about an hour a day to it. 


The course provide robust attention to standards and guidelines of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (USA), GCSE (UK), Singapore’s Math curriculum, Australian Curriculum, and most other international syllabi, in addition to helping students prepare effectively for local and major international contests. The key topics covered are:

  1. Mean, Median and Mode
  2. Addition and Multiplication Principles
  3. Combinations and Permutations
  4. Case Analysis in Counting Problems
  5. Advanced Counting Techniques
  6. Geometric Solutions of Probability Problems

What's Inside

  1. 6 skill-building problem sets
  2. eBook with instructional content
  3. Complete solutions with author's commentary
  4. Auto-grading and performance analysis


This is a multi-student, educator license. You will be able to manage an online course with your students, and monitor their progress. See the student edition here.

Price: $4.99/student


Associate Professor Emeritus, Penn State University
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