AMC 8 2015


AMC Advantage courses are the best way to prepare for the AMC  competitions. They consist of terrific problem collections designed to improve problem solving skills and prepare very efficiently for the competitions. Skillbuilder problem-sets consist of problems on key AMC concepts and Mock Contests provide full-length simulations of the actual AMC competitions.  Online, available anytime on any device. Start preparing  now.


  1. Develop critical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

  2. Reinforce key mathematics concepts. 

  3. Practice and prepare for AMC 8 Competition.

Key Concepts

AMC 8 2015 focuses on mastery of key AMC 8 concepts, including:

  1. Angles
  2. Areas
  3. Ratio and Proportion
  4. Logic
  5. Pattern Recognition
  6. Probability

What's Inside

  1. 6 Skillbuilder problem-sets 
  2. 1 full-length, AMC 8 Mock Competition
  3. Auto-grading, full solutions and performance analysis
  • 6-month subscription.
  • Open enrollment. Self-paced.
  • Educator Dashboard.


Panel of educators led by Dr. David Wells, former Chair of the MAA Committee on the American Mathematics Competitions, and the former Chair of the AMC 12 Contest Committee.

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